Our Art is the Testament of our Dedication!!

Dee Deshwal is the pillar of thought behind the DeeAn Arts. Dee is fascinated by the core idea of inspiring love and love for arts by taking inspiration from the natural beauty and magnifying it into a beautiful piece of art. She endeavours to ‘sculpt her core imagination on the canvas in a bid to uncover the relationships we have with the inner and the outer world in our minds and emotions.

DeeAn Arts is an online Art store where we offer you a collection of Russian Sculpture Paintings, classes for Russian Sculpture Paintings where our experts teach you every aspect of this art form. This form of painting is unique in its own and mastered by a few. Our high-quality handmade pieces of Arts have helped us earn a reputation for service excellence, and a business committed to customer satisfaction.

Beauty Indeed Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder!!

Our art tells a story and it is beholder who exactly knows what the story is all about. If it is a gift for someone special, what is better than a sculptor that symbolises your journey together. If it’s her birthday and you are tired of giving chocolates, and earrings, revive your love through a portrayal. As love is all about expressions, if you are bad at it, what could be better than an art that is hanging on your wall and reminding you about your special ones.

We have a collection that covers your personal feelings and your professional enthusiasm. Our professionals give an extra emphasis on making the person feel special by designing a beautiful piece of art because we believe that the art is a feeling. Don’t wait. Just go ahead and explore the handcrafted beautiful pieces of art that suit your needs.

Dee Deshwal