How to build your side hustle with sculpture painting?

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Side hustles are a great way to earn some extra dime to buy your favorite gadgets or to have a solo trip to your dream destination without straining your monthly income.

In this article, we will try to answer all the questions about Sculpture Painting as your side hustle. We’ll answer questions like, what is sculpture painting? How and where can you take sculpture painting lessons? What does it take to create a stunning Sculpture Painting art piece? And more.

You know, while researching for this article, I found out that archeologists recently discovered a painting of three wild pigs deep in a limestone cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi dating back 45,000 years.

Isn’t it awesome that even our ancestors loved painting? Well, other things were scarce but they indeed were great artists. They gifted us this art, and with time we made some successful experiments and took it to very different levels. A lot of us are visual people and love to be surrounded by beautiful arts.

Sculpture painting is also one of the elevated art forms specifically motivated by painting and sculpting. It has gained immense popularity over the last few years. What was once an art form enjoyed by a niche audience has become much more mainstream in recent years.

Hence, if you are an art lover, Sculpture painting is a perfect side hustle to begin your journey.

What is Sculpture Painting?

Sculpture Painting is an art form where artists are required to paint and sculpt their art pieces on a hard surface with the help of palette knives and sculpture paste. These sculpture pastes come in various colors that allow artists’ creative side to immerge flawlessly on the canvas. Some of the preferred sculpture paintings are roses, poppies, irises, etc.

What are the Career Opportunities with Sculpture Painting?

It is imperative to know what are the career paths within a niche before getting into it. Sculpture Painting is a new art form and slowly gaining popularity among artists around the world. In the last few years, it has gained immense popularity, and demands for exceptional art pieces are increasing within the audience.

Thanks to social media platforms, even the new Sculpture Painting artists are easily being recognized and appreciated among the audience.

With this new and beautiful art form, you will be able to grow very fast. It will allow you to make a stronghold in the industry. After learning Sculpture Painting, you can become:

  • Independent seller
  • Mentor to the growing artists
  • Entrepreneur and start your own business

How to get started with Sculpture Painting?

Similar to all the art forms, Sculpture Painting too requires your time and attention. Learning on your own can be tricky and tough and might take enough of your time.

DeeAn arts is an expert Sculpture Painting artist, helping artists around the world with this intricate art form.

You need to learn the use of different sizes of pallet knives, sculpture pastes, and most importantly dedication towards learning.

You need to find a mentor to learn this intricate art form. The techniques and the style of this art form are unique, experts like DeeAn Arts can help you achieve that.

The easiest way to learn this art form is by joining DeeAn Arts. They provide online classes, recorded videos if you missed your class, 24*7 Help Support, and a Course Completion Certificate on successful completion.

DeeAn Arts a Sculpture Painting artists themselves; are well aware of all the supplies an artist need. They provide all the necessary supplies such as sculpture pastes, palette knives, and Sculpture Paintings on their online art station. You can simply visit their website to buy all the items.

After getting the tools & materials, what’s next?

As we all know, art is not something that can be learned overnight. You need practice and more practice. Once you have your tools and materials, you need to keep practicing and keep creating new art pieces. You need to experiment with your art. No matter how beautiful a sculpture painting you have created, you don’t need to stop.

Remember that the classes can only teach you techniques, you can only bring perfection to your art. Perfection cannot be achieved in one day.

While Practicing you can set up your social media accounts. Start sharing what you create on social media platforms. By this, your skill will get exposure and you may receive criticism and appreciation. Try to implement the ideas you receive and ignore the harsh criticism. Be calm and believe in yourself.

Try to experiment more and more, this will make your art pieces unique. Once you master this craft, you can either start selling or mentoring.

How to get your first client & where to sell your work?

As a beginner, you can find your first clients from the people in your Inner circle. For example, your family, friends & colleagues.

You can start gifting your products on different occasions. For example, marriage ceremonies, anniversaries, house warming parties, inauguration parties, festivals, etc.

This will become an indirect marketing strategy for your products. Your products will get exposure in your friends’ & peers’ inner circle, ultimately increasing their interest and demand for your art.

Register your business and list your products on eCommerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart. You can also sell them as home decor products in Meesho and many platforms like that.

You can tie up with local Art shops and display & sell your artworks. You can do online & offline collaborations with people.

You can also start taking customized orders from your customers. This will give a boost to your sales while promoting your brand.

How to make money doing this?

Once you become an expert on anything, money will make its way on its own. Although you will start making money by selling it on online platforms.

Additionally, you can do workshops and start charging for them. You can also create online courses or teach people in person. You can charge your students according to the course they do.

If you are starting, try to make a community. It can be an Instagram page or a Facebook group and start adding people. The first few people could be your friends on Facebook. Do a poll in your community and ask what people want to learn. Give them options to choose from. If you do this, the results will amaze you.

Even if few people respond, make a course for them. After knowing what your audience wants, It becomes easy to sell.

You can run ads on your social media platforms to create awareness about your product. You can also take the help of digital marketing to build your brand. Eventually, you will start getting traction.


Sculpture Painting is one of the most in-demand art forms of painting. Learning this skill is an added advantage today as it is one of the best side hustle that you can do in 2021. So are you ready to start your side hustle as a sculpture painter? Are you ready to be your boss and set your schedule? Are you ready for a new and fun way to express your creativity and talent? If you are someone who likes art and who likes to make some extra money, try to get started with Sculpture Painting.

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